:: I.C.S.E. 1999
Rhythm Gyabak

Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number:    09986260308
Email_ID:       rhythmoo@hotmail.com
Current_Location:      Banglore
Current_Profile:       senior cust service rep
Message :         When I was in school  Teachers used to say  School life is Golden life , but  I  used  to think   the are  so wrong  such a  wrong   conception , But I now that I finished  studying and  started  working  now I realize that "SCHOOL LIFE IS  GOLDEN  LIFE  INDEED" .


Feels nice to see the  school website, May be one  day when i have a son I'll send  him  to SAS
Sarbagya R. Tuladhar

Address:   Dallu, Kathmandu, Nepal
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number:    +977-01-4270446
Email_ID:       sarbagya007@hotmail.com
Current_Location:      Sydney, Australia
Current_Profile:       Graduate Student at Macquarie University, Syd
Message :           Have been to lots and lots of schools and unis but nothing compares to our dear SAS. East or West SAS is the best. Sasonians would love to hear from you guys.
Sutirtha Sahariah

Address:   New Delhi-67
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number:   +919899797377
Email_ID:       sutirtha011@gmail.com
Current_Location:      New Delhi
Current_Profile:       television journalist
Message :           the memories of SAS never fade. they just become richer with every passing year.I really miss my school
sashank ghatraj

Year_of_Passing:       1999
MD 4d productions&co :restauranter
Message :          
was really lookin forward to get associated with sas once more .......... feels great
Bishal Shrestha

Year_of_Passing:       1999
Current_Profile:       television journalist
Message :    
My regards to all my teachers from SAS.

My class teachers:-

1990 - Ms. Forest
1991 - Ms. T Norzom
1992 - Mr. J. Rai
1993 - Mr. T. Bhutia
1994 - Mr. T. Namgyal
1995 - Mrs. Shanti
1996 - Mr. Wangdi
1997 - Mr. Hasan
1998 - Mrs. Usha

Mr. shakya, Mr. Micheal, Fr. Lawrence, Mr. K Das, Mr. leegorish, Mr. Toppo, and Mr. D costa.

reguards to all teachers of SAS.

Ahmer Feroz

379/1-d,Sir Iqbal Street.Jajmau.Kanpur.UP
Year_of_Passing:       1999
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Kanpur. India
Message :          
All i want to say. Rajeev great work, maintain the site as you are doing. Specially i liked the staff profile. good to see my teachers.
May be you should add a wing which has pictures from last 15-20 yrs of the students.
All The Best Sasonians
Kinchho Tshering

Address:   Thimphu
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number:    +975 - 17655427
Email_ID:       kinchho_t02@yahoo.com
Current_Location:      bangkok
Current_Profile:       RJ (Producer and host) (kuzoo Fm) Thimphu.
Message :         Wow i had the feeling a SAS website definitely coming up,so was great hearing and seeing what everyone has been up to in life so far after surviving iscus and rice..ha ha no offence...But in Thimphu we have been having sas talks at bar and pubs ... whoever made this website may jesus be alway with u..cherrio
Binit Agarwal

Address   :       Chennai
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number  :       09940095110
Message :    
SAS is the best !!

Address   :       LONDON, UK
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Email_ID:       a1z1z1a@yahoo.com
Current_Location:      London,UK
Current_Profile:       Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Message :     Definitely I miss SAS and my dear teachers. I wish I could turn back time and join SAS again.

Santosh Rauniyar

Address   :       Scotland, United Kingdom
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number  :  +447742896672
Email_ID:       san0777@hotmail.com
Current_Location:      Scotland, UK
Current_Profile:       ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND
Message :     I miss my school and is nice to go back and see the progress made by our school.
I miss my teachers, and I keep talking about my school life with my friends in uk.
Yogesh Dhancholia

Address   :       c-303, Trinity Hsg. Society,Near. Hiranandani Hospital, Powai
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number  :  9930363691
Email_ID:       yogesh_dh007@yahoo.co.in
Current_Location:      Mumbai
Current_Profile:       Pursuing MBA
Message :     Time at SAS was the best part of my life. Miss all those bygone days. Given a chance will like to get back there.
Sushant Basnet

Address   :       Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number  :  9871939695
Email_ID:       sushant_basnet@yahoo.com
Current_Location:      New Delhi
Current_Profile:       Quality Analyst
Message :     No comparision in front of SAS.
Fan Zee Sheng

Address   :       3/62 bromley Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, QLD 4169, Australia
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number  :  040 1083787
Email_ID:       archer_me1980@yahoo.com
Current_Location:      Australia
Message :     So good to see SAS on the website, very nice . The School has taken so much changes and its really good.. keep up the good work EVERYONE. Hope to see it on person someday:)
Muhammad Qasim Khallow

Address   :       Lokhandwala Mumbai
Year_of_Passing:       1999
Phone Number  :  +971 559091544
Email_ID:       qasimkhallow@yahoo.co.in
Current_Location:      UAE
Current Profile: Creative Director
Message :     i will be back..
keep that chief guest chair ready...