Bp. Stephen Lepcha Bishop

Bishop’s Message

St. Augustine’s School is a minority institution presently administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling. Begun and nurtured by the Canons Regular (CR) of St. Augustine’s, from the Abbey of St. Maurice, Switzerland, has its own chequered history and legacy. Over the years it has served many a student from near and far. It has served the generations of young ones from the Hills of Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand and Hongkong. Similarly, we’ll find the students spread all across India and abroad contributing their best to society.

The Catholic Church believes that all have an inalienable right to education in keeping with their ultimate goal. In doing so individual ability, culture and tradition of the country is respected and peace and harmony among all is fostered. True education aims at the formation of a human person towards his ultimate end, and for the good of the society. Since the person is a member of the society, education trains him to honour his duties and obligations.(GE 1)

To build up a healthy society the “children… must be helped, with the aid of the latest advances in psychology and the arts and science of teaching, to develop harmoniously their physical, moral and intellectual…(abilities to) acquire a mature sense of responsibility” (Ibid).

 The school aims at the all-round development of the students, to form a caring human community moulding conscientious young men and women of competence, commitment and compassion.  Under the administration of  Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling the school will continue in its educational pursuit of enlightenment in collaboration with all the stakeholders i.e. students, parents and the teachers. The school is committed to give the best to the students and help build a better society.

Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Victor George Fernandes

From the Desk of Principal

The history of St. Augustine’s School, Kalimpong reminds us of our humble roots while at the same time it indicates to the good intentions of the pioneers of this institution. to education. Though the founding Fathers may not have envisioned the outcome of today, their desire to serve the community was at the core of their hearts. Hence, they pooled in their energy and resources towards this endeavour. While providing quality education, they gave their best and developed this institution to the required standards.

With its formal beginning in 1945, the school has grown, made great strides from its humble beginnings over the decades. All along the institution has made efforts to provide the best required and possible infrastructure to the students. In its more than 75 years of existence countless students have benefitted. The growth of the school stands on the teamwork of the administration, teaching and supportive staff members and all the students who have been part of this institution.

As we are living in challenging times the education is also affected. The changing character of education has ushered in new demands from all those involved in the venture.  However, the basic aims of education remain the same. A holistic development in all its dimensions requires a partnership of both the teachers as well as the parents. The concern of education should never be about training or preparing the students for a career, but rather prepare them to be excellent human beings with values, right attitudes and vision. Learning is a lifelong process.

We wish all the students who pass through the portals of St. Augustine’s, to be better human persons. Remaining simple and focused may they enjoy the best that life can offer. To make their dream a reality the institution and its facilities are at their disposal.

Ultimately there is no substitute to hard work. Being true to our school motto “Per Ardua ad Astra” (Through Hard Work to the Stars) will ensure exactly that.

Fr. Derek D' Souza Bursar

Bursar’s Message

School is a not only a place where knowledge is imparted, it is a place of “Becoming”. One becomes, a human person, equipped to face the challenges of the world, learns how to interact with fellow human persons, and grows to be a happy person. It’s an anomaly that the school today is viewed to be an industry. Our children’s future cannot be subjected to commercial activity.

Parents put in great efforts to provide for their children. Be it as a day-scholar or a boarder the parents cannot forget the existence of their wards. Their whole existence at times as parents is defined by their sons and daughters.  We salute these parents who constantly accompany their children in every way.

St. Augustine’s School, Kalimpong provides opportunities for all-round development, along with an ordered academic curriculum. All students are facilitated and encouraged to take advantage of this. We wish all the students passing through St. Augustine’s School, Kalimpong may be a happy person who can manoeuvre the obstacles of the world in a fitting manner.