ICSE 1972


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  • Message: Would like to keep in touch with the school. I was a champion sportsman both in the school and in the district. My records should still found in the throws section - javeline, discuss throw and shotput as well. My son also studied briefly there before he went to study in Bishop Cotton in Bangalore. I have 2 daughters and a son and 2 grand daughters studying at SJC in classes 5 & 6 respectively. I suggest that SAS keep a visitor's book for the old boys to sign in. Good luck for those who'll appear for final exams! Before I sign off, please conduct a cleaning campaign in the immediate neighbourhood. I noticed a huge heap of trash strewn down the hillside at the southwest. I may be wrong about the direction but it could be seen from beyond the chapel. Best wishes to all! Karma Tenzin


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