• Application Form
  • Identity Card
  • Declaration Form
  • Hostel Data Sheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marks of Latest Examination
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Conduct Certificate
  • Fitness Certificate by the Doctor
  • Blood Group Verification


  • Tuition fees must be paid for 12 MONTHS a year, irrespective of when the student is admitted to / withdrawn from the school. A fine of Rs. 2.00 will be charged per day on fees paid later than prescribed date. If fees are not paid by the end of the prescribed month, the boy will not be allowed to attend classes. The tuition fee for the months of January and February for the coming year should be paid by November of the preceding year.
  • Please make all payments in the Account section of the School or at Axis Bank and collect a receipt for the same. Please retain all payment receipts and produce them if it is required for any clarification in due course of time.
  • Security Deposit must be claimed against the receipt within 6 months of leaving the school.


  • Regular Admission Test for classes LKG, UKG and III is conducted during the last week of October in the same academic year. Selection will be purely on the basis of the availability of seats. Local candidate from Kalimpong are given priority, however once admission is granted, it is expected that the candidate will complete his studies till class X (ICSE). For any boy withdrawn within ONE or TWO years from the date of admission, security refund will not be applicable.
  • Any seat available in classes I, II, IV, V and VI are RESERVED for the boarders only. Admission WILL NOT be granted for ONE or TWO years. It is expected that the candidates once admitted should complete at least upto class X (ICSE). The withdrawal norms to be followed if the child is withdrawn before the completion of at least ICSE (X), including forgoing of security deposits.


  • An aptitude test is conducted for the candidates desiring to continue in SAS either in Science or Commerce Or Arts Streams respectively on the last day of their ICSE Examination. Selection will be based on their performance and annual school record of the candidates.
  • For candidates from other School/Boards, an aptitude test is conducted a week before the commencement of the provisional classes. Normal provisional classes begin soon after Easter break depending on the end of Board (ICSE) examination. (Information will have to be acquired from accounts section)


Selection in Aptitude Test will not guarantee the seats in Class XI Science/Commerce/Arts if the candidate fails to procure requisite percentage in the Board Examination.

*Minimum percentage in Science: 80 & above (English, Science, Mathematics)

*Minimum percentage in Commerce: 70 & above (English, Mathematics)

*Minimum percentage in Arts: 80 & above (English, History/Civics)


The Principal will be available in his office on all working days between 1.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. On Sundays and holidays no business matters can be discussed.


  • Navy blue pants and snow white shirt is the colours of the School Uniform. The dress should be stitched with proper fitness without any fashionable touch to it. The pants should rest clearly on the waist and the shoe lace of the boy must cover by the bottom of the pants. The shirt should be tucked in.
  • It is compulsory that every MONDAY and on any school functions, students should come in full school uniform.
  • The students will have to carry their ID card every day.


The school will make the necessary arrangements for the text books and exercise copies to be provided to the students.

Rules and RegulationS


  • Promotion to the next class depends on the whole year's performance and not merely on marks scored in a particular examination.
  • Any student failing in more than one subject will not be considered for promotion to the next class.
  • Minimum pass marks for promotion is 40%.
  • Only those students with a minimum of 80% attendance of the working days during each scholastic year will be considered for promotion.
  • There is no provision for re-examination or re-consideration of a student who has not been promoted.
  • No special arrangements will be made for students who for any reason are absent for the unit test/term examination and there is no provision for re-tests.
  • The decision of the school authorities will be final with regards to promotion.
  • We believe that the Parents/Guardians of St Augustine’s School, Kalimpong shall not take recourse to pressurize either through influential people or social/political organizations in respect of the decisions as mentioned above.


The school year begins in February and ends in December. The year 2022 is divided in three terms:-

February – March – April – May

June – July – August – September

October – November – December

  • The School Management reserves to itself the right to dismiss students who continuously fail to make satisfactory progress, in their studies, or whose conduct is in any way detrimental to the orderly life of the school.
  • Students failing in two consecutive years/classes will not be allowed to continue in the school.
  • A student who has done something harmful to others or has injured the good name of the school or is habitually irregular in his work or attendance will be asked to leave the school.
  • The discipline is kind but necessarily strict. Parents/guardians/students are expected to abide by the Disciplinary Committee’s decisions where a particular student/group of students is concerned for matters in the school or outside the school.
  • Boarders asked to leave the hostel on disciplinary grounds will automatically cease to be students of St Augustine’s School.


  • Application for transfer certificate must be given in writing in the prescribed form by the parent's. A clear month's notice of withdrawal must be given.
  • The application for the transfer certificate and refund of security deposit will be entertained only within a period of 6 months from the date of absence from the school and NOTLATER.
  • If the Transfer Certificates is urgently required due to unavoidable circumstances, it may be issued on payment of an additional amount. If a student is withdrawn before completing a full academic year, full fee for the remaining part of the year has to be paid.
  • No Leaving Certificate will be issued unless all dues have been paid and Library Books and School belongings are returned.


  1. ENGLISH will be spoken AT ALL TIMES in the school premises.
  2. All should be punctual for class. No one who has been absent or late may be admitted to class without the signature of the Principal / Vice-Principal / Class Teacher on the Regularity Record.
  3. Wearing of school uniform for classes, P.T. uniform for P.T., S.U.P.W. and games is compulsory for all the classes. Wearing of colorful jackets, sweaters and fancy accessories, rings, belts etc. is prohibited. Goods confiscated by the school authorities will not be returned.
  4. The school is not responsible for goods lost. Students are not allowed to bring cellular phones and valuable articles to School. All our students are expected to be honest and truthful at all times.
  5. For any reason if money is brought to school it must be given to the proper person or should keep it with the Principal/Class Teacher.
  6. Day scholars/boarders who cannot return promptly after the holidays should inform the Principal in writing before the classes resumes, else they will have their names struck off the rolls or a heavy fine will be imposed.
  7. No private tuition may be taken by a school teacher. Teachers will be most willing to help those weak in stud?es, during their free time in the school.
  8. Parents / guardians should not approach the teachers in this regard without the written permission from the Principal.
  9. Day scholars should not leave the School premises during the break time without the permission from the Principal.
  10. Boarders should get explicit written permission from the Principal! Hostel Superintendent to leave the School / Hostel campus, at all times.
  11. Absolute silence must be observed in the School Li?rary at all times. The library books must be handled with utmost care and returned within the stipulated time. Those who fail to return the books a certain amount of fine will be imposed.
  12. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to meet the Principal and Teachers regularly to inquire about the progress / behavior of their sons / wards.
  13. Parents ! guardians are urged to inculcate in their sons ! wards a taste for prayer, a sense of the Divine and a life of moral virtues.
  14. Parents! guardians are expected to accept, respect and abide by the disciplinary measures taken by the school authorities.
  15. Absentees / late comers should get their calendar signed before entering the classroom from the Vice Principal/Principal.
  16. Use of cellular phone by the students is strictly prohibited in the school campus and confiscated sets will not be returned. If the set is brought to school for any reason the set must be handed over to the Principal before the assembly is conducted.


  • All payments must be made in the school accounts section (office).
  • You are requested to make payments in the Account section of the School or at Axis Bank and collect a receipt for the same. Please retain all payment receipts and produce them if it is required for any clarification in due course of time.
  • Local resident boarders may go home once a month (after obtaining written permission from the Principal / Hostel Superintendent).
  • Parents and guardians may visit their sons / wards in the hostel on the SECOND SATURDAYS / SUNDAYS of the month and NOT on any other day.
  • Boarders will not be permitted to stay in hotels or in the town during short / long holidays unless their parents are with them.
  • Visiting Video parlours / pools / clubs, unless accompanied by their parents, is not permitted. This may result in disciplinary measures and the decision taken by the disciplinary committee.
  • Promotion criteria will be given to the students in the beginning of the academic year.
  • Admission forms for L.K.G: and U.K.G for the coming year are given out from the month of June every year. Admission is granted on the basis of a written application giving all necessary bio-data of the child, such as name in full, date of birth, place of birth, religion, etc. No forms will be sent by post.
  • Admissions Test is conducted in the month of October every year. Depending on the vacancy the best candidates will be granted the admission. Applications for these classes should be made in writing giving all the bio-data of the candidate and mailed to the Principal with a self-addressed envelope by the end of September.
  • Boarders leaving the hostel in the middle of the year should pay three months hostel fee. Such candidates will forfeit the Security Deposit.
  • Anyone absent from the school for one month or more in succession, without previous permission from the school authorities, will be considered having left the school.
  • A boy will be asked to leave the school if he fails twice in three consecutive years or if he fails even after repeating the same class.
  • Students involved in abuse of drugs will incur automatic expulsion. Students involved in fights, consumption of alcohol, stealing should abide by the deci sion of the Disciplinary Committee. The same is applicable for those who abscond from the school / hostel during working hours. The same is applicable for those who abscond from the school / hostel.
  • (A student cannot be readmitted once withdrawn from the school / hostel)
  • Students are not permitted to join any tournament except through the school.
  • No refund of security deposit will be done without applying for Transfer Certificate and presenting the Security Deposit Certificate.

Parents and Guardians must co-operate on the following points:

  • Checking frequently on their children's attendance and behaviour and duly signing the leave notes.
  • Sending their children to school on time on all class days and to all the other activities of the school on any day.
  • Seeing that they study at home daily.
  • Seeing that they complete the lessons and exercises given for home-work. These lessons and exercises will be found written in the student's calendar.
  • Signing against the remarks in the Remarks Column.